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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

My background

I’m Lucy, an (early years) Speech and Language Therapist; my time is split between clinical practice and research. My research focus is on interventions for pre-school children with co-occurring features of DLD and SSD. Essentially, children who have difficulties with BOTH their language and speech production, where there is no obvious cause.

I first explored this topic 3 years ago when conducting an initial study into the experiences of SLTs who work with this group. The findings highlighted that SLTs are creative in supporting this vulnerable group-however, clinical practice varies widely. This is why I decided to create this space for SLTs to share current practice and learn from each other.

I am also addressing this issue further in the form of an intervention development study, for which I will be submitting a proposal for in 2022.

  1. Time- the nemesis of EBP? (evidence based practice)

I feel very privileged to have had the funding (and therefore time) to investigate this topic. Earlier this year I was awarded a minor grant by the RCSLT so that I can share my work with you. As a clinician I know that it is hard to find the time to access EBP- quite often, finding papers on a specific topic is like searching for a needle in a haystack-and I have noted that this is even more so when the topic covers two clinical areas instead of one.

Therefore, I have developed this site so I can share my learnings with you, albeit in a condensed but-hopefully- accessible way. This includes links to papers around clinical risk, intervention approaches and the clinical trajectories for this group-because this has direct relevance to practice.

What to use the website for

This website has been developed in collaboration with a pilot team of SLTs (you know who you are- thanks!) It has 3 core sections.

1) Clinical forum- a place where you can comment, ask questions and share ideas relating to working with this clinical group. You can also use it as a space to ask me questions about my research.

2) Evidence page- easy access to clinically relevant papers. I’ve tried to make these as accessible as possible by giving short summaries by the link. Due to copyright I cannot directly attach the papers, but each paper link will send you straight to the researcher’s ResearchGate page where you can either view their paper or request a copy.

3) Blog- for updates on the intervention development project

How to get involved

· You can become a member by selecting the drop down in the top right corner of this screen, selecting log in, and then sign up with email

· Subscribing will allow you to add posts/respond to posts on the forum and comment on blogs.

· You can change your subscribe settings in your profile settings, and make your profile private should you wish

I really hope this site is of use to you- be it for an in depth debate on a clinical management issue or a quick skim read of an interesting article. It’s just for you, to use as you wish.

See you soon

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